My name is ALIREZA
,. I am from Iran, and I have a bachelor'sBachelor's in psychologyPsychology from IAUH,. I have a Computer Science degree from codecademy[Codecademy[.]com, and my GPA is 3.42, alsoand my IELTS band is 7. I would like to know if I can apply for Cognitive Science in UNICH. If I could have some information about how to enroll, amwould I acceptbe accepted with these resumes, when is the deadline is, etc., then I would much appreciate youit.

In the end I have to say, me and my friend
, who also graduated like me from IAUH, but(but in a different major Computer Science with 3.10 GPA, and has worked in programing for 1one year, and has teachestaught for 1 year, wantsone year) both want to apply for a Masters in Cognitive Science in master inat UNICH. If is itit is possible I would very much appreciate you, againyour help.

bestBest regards.

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