Dear Rachele Gigli,

I am Libe Ormazuri
, a business management student in Barcelona. At the momento,moment I am enjoying my exchange in Università Luigi Bocconi in Milan and thanks to our proffesorprofessor, Erica Corbellini, I was able to hear about your internship opportunities.

I have always been passionate about business and fashion and that is why I am studying in Milan, one of the most important cities in the fashion industry. These internships are all I have been looking for
, they. They are magniificentmagnificent opportunities to start working in such a complex industry hand in hand with an important brand such as Bottega Veneta.

Will leavewill attach my CV attached to thesethis e-mail, and moreover, I would like to tell you a Littlelittle bit more about myself. As I said before, I studyam studying in Barcelona, but originally I am from San Sebastian, in the north of Spain. I have always wanted to aim higher and get out of my confortcomfort zone, as I feel that it isis the best way to learn and to grow personally. Moreover, I am a hardworking and responsableresponsible person, with high analytical skills and the capacity to work in a group.

As I have explained, I have always wanted to aim higher and
theseyours are the internships to be ablethat would allow me to start my career in the best way posiblepossible. If any more information is needed please let me know.

Best regards,

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