I talked to Hope Darrisaw on the date stated. Ms. Darrisaw stated that she never received her PTO. I explained to Ms. Darrisaw that since she left without giving a proper notice that, she wasn’t eligible for her PTO. Ms. Darrisaw stated that when she was hired in 2022, she never received a full version of the employee handbook and asked if she can have a copy of the PTO portion. I explained to Ms. Darrisaw that, due to her not being a current employee, I’m unable to give her a copy.

Ms. Darrisaw asked to speak with the
Executive Directorexecutive director, so I put her on hold and called Peggy (concierge) to askedask if Kristen was in her office, becauseafter I got her voicemail. Peggy put me on hold and stated that Kristen was out of the office. I explained to Ms. Darrisaw that the ED wasn’t available and that I believe she was either signing a lease or in a meeting. Ms. Darrisaw then asked for the ED voicemail,. I explained to Ms. Darrisaw that I would give the ED the message.

The next day
, I mentionmentioned in stand-up that Ms. Darrisaw called regarding her PTO, and she asked to speak to the ED.

I was unable to explain the PTO policy to Ms. Darrisaw after she submitted her resignation
, because, in the past, Ms. Darrisaw don’t respondhas not responded to my calls or texts.

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