Gambling revenue of 3MOP3.2 billion in the first six days of August

Cheng Wai Tong, Acting Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, revealed in an interview a few days ago that provisional data for the first three days of August showed that the average daily number of inbound tourists reached 93,000, which was higher than the daily average of 89,000 in July. The actual contribution to gambling revenue is declining as tourist numbers increase. HSBC issued a research report stating that Macau’s gross gaming revenue in the first six days of August was MOP3.2 billion, and the average daily gambling revenue was MOP533 million, which was similar to the MOP537 million in July; among them, the gaming win rate of the VIP room was between 3.
1-31–3.3%. Considering the potential rebound in summer gaming demand, it may stimulate the valuation of the gaming sector.

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