To whom it may concernsconcern,
I am writing this letter to
expressexplain my reasons why I choose Turkey and the importance of my future plans.
I am passionate
to learnabout computer engineering. Especially,I am particularly interested in software development is my dream major asbecause I want to bebecome a software developer. It was the project show held inAn event organised by my university’s life. Ituniversity was what greatly inspired me a lotto pursue this career. Many senior students showed their creativeshowcased the softwares they they created and I got so interestedcurious as well. From that experienceSo, I started learning computer programming and finally found outrealised I am quite enthusiastic to writereally enjoy writing codes and seeseeing their functions. For social experience, I was born ininto a farmer familyfamily of farmers and used to help to my parents’ work whenparents whenever I got holidayswasn't at school. Since then, I wasI have always dreaming to replace withdreamed of employing robots toin our farm work. I was intendedone day. My intention is to be able to write commands with programming languages for robots to docomplete their specific tasks. Both my academic and social experiences hadhave led me to pursue bachelorobtaining a bachelor's degree of l.

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