Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. It was a wonderful summer day and Ken and his friends were at the beach having a picnic. He was finishing his lunch, when Sarah, a friend of his, asked him to lend her his camera so she could take some pictures. Seeing it was missing, he panicked.

Ken searched all the pockets of his backpack, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. He started thinking about where he could have left it. “Maybe I have
forgottenleft it at home”-home” he thought, but then another thought hit him. He remembered that earlier he and his friends tookhad taken some pictures at the fancy café near the beach.

He started running towards the café, hoping his camera would be there. Sadly, when he got there, he didn’t see
it on the table they werewhere they’d been sitting at. He even asked around, but nobody hashad seen it. He was about to start panicking even more, when all of a sudden a man, dressed in a work uniform, appeared in front of him with his camera in his hands. He approached Ken and introduced himself. It turned out to be the ice cream seller man, at whose ice cream shop the friends stopped earlier that day. He gave Ken his camera back and explained that he has forgottenhad left it at the store checkout of the store.

Ken’s heart filled up with happiness again and he thanked the man
, offering him a small monetary pricereward for foundingfinding the camera. Unexpectedly, the man refused it, saying that kindness is not something you should have to pay for.

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