The program covered both practical and theoretical management knowledge relevant to the beauty industry. The practical makeupmake-up techniques and skincare knowledge equipped me as a professional trainer, the color theory and art principles strengthen my ability in managemanaging color product portfolio, thatportfolios which is all I needed, but I never had, in my past academic history. In addition, the cosmetic retail management, customer service and digital media tools relevant to the cosmetic industry and the cosmetic entrepreneurship, also equipped me with a much more in-depth knowledge specific onto the beauty industry, which is not covered onby my marketing degree.
The program outcome was able to fill the
gap ofgaps in my cosmetic knowledge, gain a relevant qualification that allows me to access more opportunities in my industry and propel me to add new dimensions to my career development. By adding the cosmetic industry knowledge and my marketing expertise, it helpswill help me to pursue a management level, manage a team of product trainertrainers, and broaden my role to cross functioncross-function as sales and marketing lead. Thus, expandexpanding my role from the direct selling industry to the retail industry, wherewhich has muchmany more job opportunities. This program is not just critical to makemaking a quantum leap onin my career in the long termlong-term, but also providealso to providing me a finance securewith financial security in long termthe long-term. By reference toreferencing current market trendtrends, I would estimate a 20-30% of salary raisedincrease that make itwould justify to invest oninvesting in my life-long education, and provide me a financewith financial support to take good care of my 80-year mother in my hometown.

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