The fourth film made an impact on me because of its attention to the individual honest opinions of the Vietnam War, and this helped the fourth film bring a different perspective from people who are not talked about within the history of war conversation. Most of the people who were part of the conflict were poor people who think that serving their country was truly the best way forward. The ordinary soldiers talking within the fourth film were giving their honest accounts about what was happening during the conflict. It was truly refresheningrefreshing to understand their point of view, and it helped to have contexts of actually being in the battles. The fourth film also made an impact on me by seeing a leader of the anti-war movement against the war in Vietnam, and it was great to hear him talk about the change of purpose within the anti-war movement. The anti-war movement was gaining steam during the expansion of the military draft into the middle class, and the movement became more of a selfish tone in that people, especially in the middle class, did not want to go to war. The film also gave a response from some of the ordinary military men to the anti-war movement, and some of their opinions are not very positive on the anti-war protestors because of the middle class and perceived high educational background of the protestors. Still, the US soldiers were beginning to show their discontent with the US military policy in the country of Vietnam. This was the beginning of the changing of the tide against the war in Vietnam, and this also began to divide the political opinion, especially within the US public.

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