I am a girl from a small village in Haiti who migrated to the United States. in hopes of obtaining a better education. I’ve always valued getting an education. It came naturally to me since it was difficult to obtain one in Haiti. My family often encountered difficulties in funding my education as Haiti does not offer a public school system like that of the United States. That is why, when I moved to the United States., I took full advantage of the education that was provided to me. After high school, I decided to further my education by applying to college and majoring in what I am passionate about – Justice Studies.

Four years later
, after a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I am so incredibly excited to announce that in just 8eight days I amwill be graduating Cum Laude from Montclair State University.

It is a dream come true to see myself where I am today. This journey was everything but easy. There were times
when I felt lost, defeated, and hopeless. I hadspent several late nights at the school library gettingtrying to get my assignments donecompleted because I didn't have a laptop my first year. I struggled financially because I was an independent student. These are just some of the heartaches and headaches I delthave had to deal with. Still, I persevered through it all. It was my tenacity that allowed me to stay focused and motivated me to finish college, and to finish it in just 3.5only three and a half years, with honors.

TheMy goal is not to merely graduate from college. My goalIt is to establish myself in the legal world, pursue law school and use my voice to advocate for marginalized communities and society's most vulnerable populations.

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