Dear Taofik,
yourYour letter wellwas well received, but. But kindly note the following items in your letter was sent to you in our previous work program of work for your approval except some wood work. The completion time you give it to usgave us was very short add on, somenotice. Some additional work was instructedassigned by Mr. Austin, not including in your letter (extension.g., extension on boysboys' quarter, changing tiles in guest house, and changing of manhole covers). In the final youYou want from us to complete all the work in the project bywith this shortly time need ashort notice, but that would require some kind of magic to happen.
As you know
, a letter was sent to all from the government dothat states that there is a curfew and they are not allowedallowing any site to open after 5 pm.
, I will try my best to complete the project in this time by using your cover to work after closing time and weekends.

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