Dear sirSir,

My name is Nguyễn Tường Quang Hải, my student ID is BI11-073.

After looking into my attendance, I realized that I was only absent by one session
, to qualify for the final exam.

Even though the university allowed me to take the final exam on July 6th, my grade was not counted due to my absence.

I was wondering if you could allow me to retake the final exam so I can pass the subject. Even though I wasn't present for the required amount, I can assure you that I understood
mostthe majority of the content, and I had no problems in my previous final exam.

I understand the university policy
, and while I have no excuses for my absence, and I would really appreciate your assistance in this matter. However, I also understand that you are not obligatedobliged to help me, or make an exception in this case, so I wouldam willing to accept any consequenceconsequences there is to comemay be.

Thank you for your time
, and I would appreciate any reply!

Best Regards,

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