Based on an article by Jiang, S, &and Ngien, A. (2020), "The Effects of Instagram Use, Social Comparison, and
Self EsteemSelf-Esteem on Social Anxiety: A Survey Study in Singapore" article, social media has a significant
impact on an individual's self-concept and
self esteem,self-esteem. People often compare themselves to others
based on what they see on social media
platfonsplatforms like Instagram that causescause an increase to one's
social anxiety
;. This study is significant because it aims to focus and put an illumination intoon and illuminate a
problem that many people deal with
. In addition to the purpose of this study;, the researchers aim to te
determine when and how it affects people in
a senseways that it causes anvietycause anxiety and damage to women's
self esteem,
a woman's
as Wellwell as consider what measures maycan be used to fix the problem. Furthermore, this study Wouldwould
also help various groups and
giganisationsorganisations in their ettertsefforts to comprehend the same problem and
promote awareness among the community.

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