Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

I got in touch with the faultyfaculty of Cal State Long Beach concerning the capabilities that they can perform tensile testing for the Dog-Bonedog-bone configurations that we molded for material that underwent regrind. I’ve attached the email with the response on pricing that it would cost per sample and details.....

The project raises the issue of worshipping a woman per se. Klyukin creates 11 sculptures that symbolize wisdom, beauty, power, and resilience. Each sculpture is inspired by a particular woman, thus, each sculpture leaves behind a generalized image that lacks individuality and praises the personal a.....

“Art is a time-machine that irrevocably preserves images of beautiful women. It makes them young and beautiful forever by the meanmeans of artists’ hands and due to the will of their husbands and admirers.
We know Adel due to Klimt, Cecilia Gallerani due to Leonardo da Vinci, Camille Claudel due to Augu

1. If it's sunny tomorrow, iI will go cycling.
2. What would you do if you
winwon a million dollars?
3. If I go hiking, I
would soon get bored.
4. I wouldn't do a bungee jump, even if you gave me $10,000.
5. If you
will play that game all night, you will be really tired tomorrow.
6. I
would have helped you if I ha.....

The tourists' attractionsTourist Attractions in Alexandria
• Introduction:
The Alexandria Governorate has many beautiful archeological sites and places
, as it. It is famous for itsthe tourism activities and monuments that make it one of the most famous governorates to which tourists from all over the world are attracted to visit its .....

Main tasks:
 providing legal services as a part of the day-to-day activities;
 drafting of internal company documents, resolutions, regulations, etc.;
 drafting and providing opinions on commercial and non-commercial agreements (logistic, marketing, transport, service provision, own brand, e-com

The Books of Prime Entry are also known as Books of Original Entry / Day Books / Journals. These books are used to record transactions for the first time, before posting them to their respective accounts. SeperateSeparate books should be kept for different kindkinds of transactions. For example, sales will be .....

Hello class, my name is Sequoya Gibbs. I am a Criminal Justice major with a future goalsgoal of becoming an attorney forin the area of the sexual exploitation of children. “Sexual exploitation is an act or acts committed through non-consensual abuse or exploitation of another person’s sexuality for the purp.....

I am applying for the Tourism Management Studies program at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. I am very interested in beginning a career in tourism and I am certain that this Bachelor’s programmeprogram will help me to fulfilfulfill myself in both professional, and personal contexts.

My main reason

The theme of this presentation has beenwas chosen on the basebasis of something whatthat is part of my life. The whole thing has begunbegan in September last year...

I was a member of coworking space in OA school for a longerlong time.

It is a place where many people meet together. Everybody gets hisa table and works on different .....

Dear Mr./Mrs.,

My name is Atena Salari
, and I’m from Sweden. I have finished my kindergarten years in Sweden, then moved to Dubai. I’m an 11th grade student whichthat is currently studying in American International School, Dubai. I take three sciences as my electives, and I have completed all my mapMAP and.....

Dear Mr. Thompson,

My name is Atena Salari and I’m from Sweden. I’m an 11th grade student which is currently studying in Dubai. I take three sciences as my electives
, and I have completed all my map and psatPSAT exams. Since the academic year is almost over, and my family is planning to move out of UA.....

I spend half my money on travel,. I love to travel, explore, and learn about new cultures.
The next two ways to spend money

is to help a charity such as UniceffUNICEF and to help animals through WSPA. The effects that can givegiving money can have is to help children around the world in the form of buying vaccines,.....

I received a message from you saying "We're sorry that you were not able to attend KLASS: (KFUPM Learning Activities in Summer Session)."

in fact, I have actually attended all the previous lectures and watched the entire recorded clips.

I realized that when I
joinjoined the course via the link sent to my u.....

Sistan plain, in the southeast of Iran, had an important role in connection ofconnecting societies in the past, and with good biological conditions and fertility, it has been recognized as one of the most important human societies in various historical periods. Despite numerous archaeological activities in this area, the chro.....

Hereby we resubmit a retaileddetailed version of the manuscript GSLSpecPub2020-75R1. We most appreciate all yourthe positive and challenging comments by yourself and by the reviewers. andWe tried to incorporate most of them the best we could ininto this new version. However, we still think “Illite 40Ar-39Ar dating of Eocene deformation in t.....

Dear Editor-in-Chief of the “Methods X”,
My manuscript
with the title, “Theoretical Model to Determine the Effective Thermal Conductivity Coefficient of First Clad region in Photonic Crystal Fiber with the Hexagonal Hole Structure”Structure, transferred to MethosX from “Thermal Science and Engineering Progress,Basedbased on t.....

Xzavion Dauwante Wesley

Dr. Kimberly Stephens

SAP Committee

June 1st, 2020

Greeting,Greetings SAP Committee/Academic affairs,
I, xzavion wesleyXzavion Wesley, am requesting reinstatement into Benedict College. springSpring 2020 was when my grades began tooto fall, and I honestly made poor decisions doing other things like.....

27th roadRoad
West Ham
May 1, 2020
Dear Charles,
How is your weekend going? I
have received an email today about you having an issue with the timing.
Well, before you joined this company
, I had the same issue. It took me about three to four months to get used to this timing, but when I got used to it. The, the ma.....


My name is Kayla McGruder. I am demanding that the officer, Derek Chauvin and all other three officers who
waswere with him to be chargecharged with first degree murder and manslaughter because that was truly a genocide on that innocent black man, George Floyd who was repeatedly saying, “I can’t bre.....